Our staff has extensive experience worldwide in the areas of civil engineering, project management and sustainability in various industry sectors, such as land development, manufacturing and the green economy.

 Some of the projects we have worked on –

Ogden Avenue Park Conversion, San Francisco, CA – SCE staff is currently involved in a community-based project to convert the 400 block of Ogden Street, located in the Bernal Heights district, into a public garden. Responsibilities include location and coordination of existing utilities and right-of-way conditions; public agency coordination and permitting requirements; grading and drainage design; erosion and sediment control plan preparation; community stakeholder management, including engagement; prepare scope, schedule, and budget baselines; and procuring necessary consultants, such as landscape architect, construction companies, and garden material suppliers for the new public garden/open space.

Ogden Avenue Conceptual Design

Ogden Avenue Conceptual Design

Ogden Avenue Gardens

The University of California at San Francisco Research and Development Campus, Mission Bay, San Francisco – SCE staff has worked on the various civil design, infrastructure, water reclamation, and LEED certification projects and consulting at the Mission Bay campus since 2001. The work included roads, hardscapes, and utilities – such as water, reclaimed water, sanitary and storm sewers, and coordination with the campus-building architects to provide the appropriate utility sources. Additionally, we provided budgetary monitoring and control for all civil work; contract Administration, including Amendments and Change Orders; Quality Assurance and Control; and Risk Analysis and Management.

UCSF Campus Mission Bay

Solar Panel Design and Construction Management, Silicon Valley, CA – Design and Construction Management for a solar panel system for nine High Schools in Silicon Valley. Staff prepared a feasibility analysis of an integrated renewable energy system for the high school district, including a photovoltaic analysis of a parking lot canopy structure as a solar panel base. Our work included the design and construction administration for the infrastructure (paved areas) and utilities (power and drainage) of the solar panel site. Additionally, our staff developed and monitored the project baselines, provided contract administration and construction management services, and Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC.)

BMW North America Plant, San Luis Potosí, México – Planning and designing an automobile manufacturing plant in North-Central Mexico. Work included market research, budgetary control, and scheduling; contract negotiation with the local utility agencies, roadway, and railway entities to provide access to the site; contract Management and negotiation between the client and sub-consultants, including contract amendments and change orders. Our staff was also responsible for the oversight and coordination of the project sub-consultants, such as the architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, soils engineer, and landscape architect. Additionally, staff was responsible for contract management, including contract amendments and change orders, and the development and monitoring of the Quality Control Plan.

UCSF Campus Mission Bay

“Bear’s Den” – Residential Remodeling, Room Addition, and Deck Replacement, Incline Village, NV – SCE staff designed the room addition, about structural loads, for a second-story room addition; designed the utilities for the home renovation, and a deck replacement for a single-family residence in Lake Tahoe. Work also included design coordination with the project architect and other sub-consultants; prepared the grading and drainage plans, incorporating the fire prevention requirements along the building perimeter. SEC staff also performed the required coordination with the homeowners association, local public agencies, and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA.)

UCSF Campus Mission Bay

Pro Bono Work

At SCE, we dedicate a portion of our time to community service in various ways, such as providing free training to non-profit agencies and community leaders in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Civil Design
  • Urban Greening
  • Project Management

Sustainable planning and community involvement

If you would like to learn more about our pro bono courses and/or are ready to apply for these services, please fill out the contact one of our team members.


Pro Bono

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