Sustainable CE

Mission Statement

We engage the built environment and our communities through “green,” management, and civil design services that meet sustainability objectives. Our goal is to deliver a range of services that take into
consideration of the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a project and/or product from concept through the end of their lifecycles.


Our Team

Jorge Romero-Lozano - P.E, LEED AP, PMP

Jorge Romero-Lozano - P.E, LEED AP, PMP

Director of Engineering

Mike Doherty- PMI-ACP

Mike Doherty- PMI-ACP

Director of Project Management

Our staff has extensive experience worldwide in the following areas:

civil engineering,

project management,

and sustainability

Within various industry sectors:

land development, manufacturing,

public sector, infrastructure,

and the green economy.

Vision Statement

We are passionate about the world we will hand over to our children. Also, we believe unequivocally in the power of individuals and communities to change the world, which starts with our environment and how to heal it, as well as positively impact it.

Sustainable Civil Engineering San Francisco
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