Sustainable Civil Engineering (SCE)

Sustainable Civil Engineering (SCE) is a San Francisco-based firm dedicated to sustainable design and construction of the built environment. Since the firm was founded in January 2012, we have followed the tenets of the three pillars of sustainability: Economic Viability, Environmental Protection, and Social Equity. Both our organizational goals and the project work we execute are geared towards improving our communities. Our company staff has worked on various civil, infrastructure, and environmental improvement projects for the City of San Francisco, Sunnyvale, the Port of Oakland, the Port of Seattle, BMW, and Bayer.



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Sustainable Insights

Life without Parking in San Francisco
Life without Parking in San Francisco
October 11, 2021
In December 2018, San Francisco became the largest U.S. city to eliminate parking requirements for new buildings, including new residential buildings. In other words, developers can now desi...
The Housing Crisis and Program Management
The Housing Crisis and Program Management
October 9, 2021
Over the past few months, as a member of a land-use committee, I have been reviewing new construction projects in the Mission. I have noticed two things: 1) the residential projects lack any...
Water Recycling Options
Water Recycling Options
September 24, 2021
Water recycling has been around since the dawn of humanity. Back then, it was mainly in the form of rainwater harvesting, as far as we know today, but currently, there are many other options...