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Mission Statement

We engage the built environment, as well as our communities, through “green” design, project management, and civil engineering services that meet sustainability objectives. Our goal is to provide professional services that take into consideration the environmental, social and economic impacts of a construction project from concept through the end of its lifecycle.

Vision Statement

We are passionate about the world we will hand over to our children. Also, we believe unequivocally in the power of individuals and communities to change the world, which starts with our environment and how to heal it, as well as positively impact it.

Sustainable Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

From concept to build.

Project/Program Management

Throughout the project and product lifecycles.

"Green" Consulting

Services that support sustainability goals.


Victory Gardens for our Time

During the First World War, Germany had to heavily ration food items, such as coffee, fruits, vegetables, etc. So, to mitigate this crisis, they created the “Kleingarten” in cities. Kleingarten means “small garden,” and they were installed within urban areas....

ADA Walkways made of Composite Materials

A couple of decades ago, I discovered composite materials as an alternative for remodeling our deck at our Tahoe vacation home. Since then, I have tried to use this material anytime I could. It is lightweight and durable simultaneously, but it is also sustainable,...

Residential Projects in the Tahoe Basin

The Lake Tahoe basin is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. For me, especially when I describe it to others, its beauty comes from its random geographic position; surrounded by flat, dry valleys on two sides; covered with green forests; and the...

Sustainable Grading Design

Though the image above might be a bit too fantastic a goal to achieve when grading a piece of land for construction, the intent is nonetheless what is important. In the image, the shock is placed in the obvious location; the flat part of the site. Additionally, the...

Re-Designing for Sustainability

I am currently working on several projects at different stages of design development that convert the existing built environment back to its natural state, or at least varying degrees thereof. For example, one project will convert a section of the road into a park. At...

All Construction Starts with a good Survey

Usually, I try to avoid words like “all” or “any,” but sometimes they are necessary. As the title of this article implies, good surveys are crucial for construction projects. This statement includes both boundary and topographic ones. The former ensures that...

Need for Public Space Improvements

I have the habit of looking for spaces all over the City whenever I go out which could potentially be turned into green, public spaces. It is a fun thing to do, imagining how an unaccepted street, abandoned lot, or extra wide paved sidewalk could house plants,...

The Urgent Need to Design and Build Community Gardens

There are plenty of warnings, empirical data, and even our own experiences regarding the price of food, availability, and quality (i.e., genetically modified.) However, even with all this information, we are doing very little to solve these issues as a local and...

ADA Ramps and Paths are important for all of us

Years ago, when the Americans with Disabilities Act passed, many of us in the civil engineering field saw it as just another bureaucratic requirement, which would generate more challenges for us trying to design a sidewalk, path, curbs and gutters, and so on. And it...

Urban Greening in the (20)20s

For many of us, the 20s are still synonymous with the pandemic, which is understandable. However, the start of the decade, partly due to the pandemic, also marks a period in history when people understood the importance of open spaces and fresh air. Maybe it took the...

Sustainable CE
Sustainable CE

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