Sustainable Civil Engineering

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Mission Statement

We engage the built environment, as well as our communities, through “green” design, project management, and civil engineering services that meet sustainability objectives. Our goal is to provide professional services that take into consideration the environmental, social and economic impacts of a construction project from concept through the end of its lifecycle.

Vision Statement

We are passionate about the world we will hand over to our children. Also, we believe unequivocally in the power of individuals and communities to change the world, which starts with our environment and how to heal it, as well as positively impact it.

Sustainable Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

From concept to build.

Project/Program Management

Throughout the project and product lifecycles.

"Green" Consulting

Services that support sustainability goals.


Adding space in your home “vertically”

Like many other San Francisco residents, we are continuously looking to somehow gain more space within our home’s footprint and in our backyards. And with the advent of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) some time ago, people have been trying to build out their garages...

Civil Engineering for “Green” Projects

Years ago, I was in a novelty shop in San Diego and saw a joke book for civil engineers titled “1,001 Ways to ‘Pave’ the Earth.” It was, of course, a spoof on Joanna Yarrow’s book “1,001 Ways to Save the Earth.” At the time, I thought the title was funny, but I was...

Repurpose and Reuse

My family and I recently moved and decided to jettison a lot of the belongings we had been hoarding for years. The hoarding was, consciously speaking, unintentional. However, we had also consciously avoided dealing with the excess items we owned. And once we addressed...

The Incredible Benefits of Rain Gardens

As its name suggests, a rain garden is a garden that is irrigated primarily, if not exclusively, with stormwater runoff; even in a drought and in areas where it does not rain that much. And this is because native, drought-resistant, and xeriscaping are utilized to...

Rain Gardens are Attractive and Very Sustainable

Whether your project is a new home, a new commercial, business, or industrial park, improving landscape improvements, or even a public works project, incorporating a rain garden is a great way to implement sustainability into a construction project. As the name...

Flooding versus Drainage

Although homes are not living organisms, they do require care and attention. However, we often ignore our homes until something goes wrong and the need for maintenance is evident and immediate repairs follow. For example, the other day, after returning from a long...

Life without Cars

In recent years, the San Francisco Planning Department has taken the stance to eliminate parking in many new housing development projects. In other words, many of the new multi-family residential buildings currently under design or construction in the City will not...

Room Additions and Utilities

As demand for housing increases, which causes home prices to continue to climb, more and more people continue to look into remodeling their existing homes, adding rooms or converting them, and building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on their existing properties. All...

Living Walls as Retaining Walls

I saw a sticker about civil engineers a long time ago, which read: "Civil engineers always try to 'pave' the world. At the time, I was fresh out of college and understood what that barb meant. As civil engineers, we are trained in calculus, statics, construction...

Climate Change and Civil Engineering

It should be no surprise to anyone that climate change is a reality and that our world is being impacted by it. However, it is surprising how we often, if not always, ignore the overall effect of climate control and do not take it as seriously as we should. Droughts...

Sustainable CE
Sustainable CE

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